Eni J. Asebiomo

Integration & Test Engineer • Interdisciplinary Aficionado • Life Enthusiast

Hi, I'm Eni!

I'm an Integration and Test Engineer at SpaceX. I work on testing the 1st and 2nd Stages of the Falcon 9 Rocket with an emphasis on developing Software Automation.

I graduated Stanford '18 majoring in Computer Science with a focus in Human Computer Interaction in addition to Mechanical Design coursework in Mechanical Engineering

I'm always eager to work with people; I constantly strive to bring energy and enthusiasm to all of my group endeavors. I love working on projects - coding gets me excited and I'm passionate about integrating it with hardware.

This is what I do

I love working with software, hardware and on ways to connect the two together.

Software Development

I've worked with a range of programming languages and tools; Primarily C, C++, Matlab and Python but I also have experience with HTML, CSS, Git, Java, Javascript, Scala, and C#

CAD & Design

Throughout my career I have become well-versed with a variety of CAD and Design software including Fusion 360, Solidworks and AutoCAD as well as basic use of Adobe Illustrator


My past projects have given me the opportunity to work primarily with Lasercutting, 3D Printing, Soldering and Rapid Prototyping as well as Basic Shop Exprience with Metalworking, Woodworking and CNC


I have taken on numerous Leadership Roles including being a Residential Advisor in a Frosh Dorm, serving as a Senator on Stanford's Undergraduate Senate and fulfiling duties as Co-President of Stanford Robotics Club, among others.


Here are some examples of my work.


Here are some other projects that I've worked on.

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This Website I love messing around with HTML and CSS so I built this website with BootStrap and hosted it on Github
ME101 Stanford's Intro to Mechanical Design class where I constructed a "functional" pirateship out of foamcoare and paper.